UGSRC PRO designate bemoans psychological effect of unapproved committees members

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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The Public Relations Officer (PRO) designate of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC), Richmond Akakpor, has expressed concern over the unapproved acting members and heads of committees.

The University of Ghana SRC has not approved some committee members due to their failure to meet the requirements after almost five months of being in office.  Some of these committees include the Publicity Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee, Welfare Committee, and the Women’s Commissioner among others.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive on Monday, April 17, 2023, Akakpor said the uncertainty surrounding the positions has had a psychological effect on the acting heads, who may be swapped at any time.

He explained that this uncertainty can make it difficult for them to effectively carry out their duties and plan for the future.

“One way or the other, mentally or psychologically it might affect us because you’re working and not approved and especially after what we were subjected to, I mean the vetting committee and being in the house, waiting for the ad hoc to come and give us a briefing on committees recommendations and all that. You know, you have this feeling,  and after all, I’ve been doing, probably you are going to be made to step aside. Is that really the case? So one way or the other, It has a psychological effect on us and we make a collective effort to put that behind us  so that our work is not affected because once our work is affected then it looks as if the executives are failing students’ day by day”

He also talked about how the work is affecting his financing knowing very well that he has not been approved.

“We also have to do personal financing. So there are times that  I have to be on this show and I have to be here regardless. We look at a personal way of financing it, this morning getting here ,I’m in Alexander Kwapong and you know it’s not so possible to walk all the way from there early morning when it started raining. There are times you have to go for a lecture that is about SRC programs. We just make an effort to ensure that if I don’t have money for transport then I’ll look at how to calculate my time well so that I get there or catch up on time right. So my work is not blamed on I didn’t have money. I mean, it obviously doesn’t make sense , you know?”

A Member of the Appointment Committee of the University of Ghana  Students Representative Council, General Assembly, Mudaisir Braimah has debunked allegations that the GA is deliberately not approving Heads of Committees nominated by the President of the UGSRC.

Braimah clarified that while some appointees may not have the requisite qualities to discharge their duties effectively, the committee does not deliberately block nominations from the President. He emphasized that the Appointment Committee takes its responsibilities seriously and works diligently to ensure that all appointees are suitable for their respective positions.

He further stated that the Appointment Committee takes critical steps before approving any appointees. This includes conducting background checks, reviewing the candidate’s qualifications, and assessing their suitability for the position

“Why will the assembly frustrate your work? Because we are all working in the interest of the student. So if you bring something that is not like the Constitution, we can’t just let it slide because you want to appoint people of your favourite. But if you appoint someone of your favourite or for instance the intelligence committee, the head was brought forth and I think when you look at the recommendations being made by the appointment committee, you see that. It’s like the person appointed knows nothing about intelligence because it’s about security.

“It is not the general assembly that is frustrating the work of the src, it is the src that is frustrating their own work and we have to make sure that their actions and inactions go by the constitution, once we make these slide, posterity will judge us because everyone will just come in and we will approve. The person needs to fit the SRC constitution and once you bring it to the general assembly, we will scrutinize the person and make an enquiry, it is a house of records, and it is a house of genuine work ethics , if SRC thinks we are frustrating them, then I bet to differ.” He said.

Meanwhile, the General Assembly Speaker of the University of Ghana SRC, General Assembly, Ramzy Ahmed Fuseini, has revealed that various heads of committees of the Student Representative Council (SRC) would possibly be approved in the next General Assembly meeting.

“I hope that at the next setting, the approval shall be made. The next sitting was supposed to be on the 6th, but because of the exam schedules, we had to put it out on the 27th of this month as everyone would be done with their papers. We can then meet and have everything. However, that’s not an assurance, but it is my hope and my prayer that the House will listen to the plea of the Speaker when the meeting comes on.”

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