UG: Heads of SRC Committees to be approved in next GA meeting – Ramzy Ahmed

Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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Ramzy fuseni

General Assembly Speaker of the University of Ghana, Ramzy Ahmed Fuseini, has revealed that various heads of committees of the Student Representative Council (SRC) would possibly be approved in the next General Assembly meeting.

This follows inquiries from several students on the pending approval of committee heads of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council (UGSRC), which was scheduled for earlier this year.

Speaking to UniversNews, Ramzy Ahmed Fuseini stated that the meeting at which the heads of committees were to be approved was rescheduled from April 6, 2023, to April 27, 2023. He stated that the decision was made to avoid conflicts with the examination timetable.

He however noted that the reschedule was not an assurance but rather expressed hope on it happening.

“I hope that at the next setting, the approval shall be made. The next sitting was supposed to be on the 6th, but because of the exam schedules, we had to put it out on the 27th of this month as everyone would be done with their papers. We can then meet and have everything. However, that’s not an assurance, but it is my hope and my prayer that the House will listen to the plea of the Speaker when the meeting comes on.”

Ramzy Ahmed Fuseini further noted that the General Assembly of the University of Ghana is solely centered on affairs of students’ concerns and hold the constitution of the House in high regards.

“When you bring anything to the House that is not constitutional, I bet the speaker cannot even come to your rescue, so a House that is very neutral and very student-centered does not want to hear this. They want everything by the book. So in as much as we are students and the semester is very stressful, we also have to diligently do our work.”

He also added that national politics does not play a role in the affairs of the house.

“I also do not see national politics playing a major role in this SRC. It plays a role when you are going for the position, but with this SRC general assembly like this or the work of the executive, it is very hard for party politics to play a role in it. Why now would you want it to play in it if you are ready to serve the interests of students?”

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