UG: Students disappointed over poor Wi-Fi connectivity at 24-Hour reading room

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Some students of the University of Ghana have expressed their disappointment over the poor Wi-Fi connectivity at the 24-hour reading room of the Balme Library.

The 24-Hour reading room, which is accessible for students to study in from 8:30 am to 5:30 am the following day, has had issues with Wi-Fi connectivity since the semester began, per reports.

Speaking to UniversNews, the students stated that the poor WiFi connection unables them from readily accessing educational materials and other necessary educational tools they need from the internet.

They stated it was unfair for them to lack accessibility to a quality service they paid for through their school fees.

“I realized the Wi-Fi is actually [poor] in the 24-Hour Reading Room and this is very bad because most of us use our laptops and then phones for all the slides that are uploaded on the platforms for us and…we are paying for the Wi-Fi through our school fees so if it is available I think it would be the best.”

Some of the students also complained of the financial burden it poses to them.

According to the students, the poor Wi-Fi connectivity compels them to purchase data bundles to access learning and research materials.

“We find it very difficult to use it to access our learning platform to be able to read uploaded slides and a lot of learning materials. Sometimes too, we need to do research, so as a result of the lack of this connectivity, we are not able to access websites to conduct new research and it’s a challenge. As we are coming, we need to use our own money to buy data which can be used for something else.”

Other students questioned the quality of Wi-Fi connectivity in the University with reference to the widespread use of technology in the running of academic in the school.

They described the situation as “poor and discouraging” and suggested that the issue be addressed by the school management.

“At this point in time, poor WiFi connection at the 24 Hour Reading Room is not the best at all…I have to research about certain provisions and I’m not getting access to it and it’s not the best; it is so poor and discouraging and there’s no other place to go to, this is Balme Library.“

“I don’t know why we should have a 24-Hour Reading Room that hasn’t have a good Wi-Fi because we know that, in this University, everything we do is internet-based and as we are students, I’m sure we are definitely paying for it. So I think something should be done about it.”

Meanwhile, Head of the Network Research Team in the University of Ghana, Mr. Emmanuel Togoh explained that the situation had not been brought to their attention.

Speaking off the record, he stated that the issue will be addressed duly as they probe into the matter and devise solutions for the problem.

Story by | Gabriel Tecco Mensah |

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