Samira Bawumia encourages youth to explore writing as an interest

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Second Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Samira Bawumia has encouraged the youth to explore their interest writing. as this will help build and develop their creativity as well as provide a form of avenue to them.

She was speaking at the Samira Bawumia Literature Prize Awards Ceremony at the ISSER Conference Centre in the University of Ghana on 6th April, 2023.

According to Samira Bawumia, reading and writing are great ways to engage one’s imagination to solve problems to make the world a better place.

“I encourage all of you in the meantime to read and write. A people who read and write engage their imaginations and this opens portals to endless possibility as the most successful of any generations are those who find theirs and solve problems within their communities and their world.”

Samira Bawumia further reiterated the importance of the art of story telling. She believes that writing is an avenue of expression, influence and transformation in the lives of many.

“The importance of writing and the art of story telling cannot be overemphasized. But I believe writing is a powerful tool that allows us to express our thoughts and emotions and our experiences. It also has the power to inspire, to educate and to transform lives and as well as the power to capture and convey stories that could have otherwise been lost over time. Let’s not forget that writing is also a valuable skill in today’s job market.”

The Samira Bawumia Literature competition, which was established in 2020 seeks to identify and help young Ghanaian writers to flourish. It has so far realized it’s goal as it has contributed immensely to the growth of many young writers.

At the ceremony, Samira Bawumia awarded some 30 contestants who emerged winners in various categories such as the non fiction, fiction and poetry category in the literature prize competition.

Also present at the ceremony was the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Libraries Authority, Mr. Hayford Siaw. He revealed that there has been an increase in the number of books in libraries across the country, from less than four hundred thousand books to more than one million well as the total number of libraries in the country to 116 public libraries.

Story by | Hussein Habibata Maltiti |

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