Ronel Agency CEO calls for restructuring of educational system to incorporate AI tools for learning

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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Chief Executive Officer of Ronel Agency, Nii Martey Newman-Adjiri has called for a restructuring of the educational system to incorporate technological tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This follows the recent adoption of AI writing tools like Chat GPT-3, Grammarly, and QuillBot in the field of academia. Questions on the technology’s influence on academic integrity had been raised and the topic was lined to the University of Ghana’s 75th-anniversary theme of adopting technology.

In an interview with UniversNews, Nii Martey stressed the need to transform the education system towards technology to aid students in learning as the world advances technologically.

According to him, the current technology contains abundant information for the facilitation of education.

“Our whole educational system originally was meant to fuel the Labour or industrial system. So maybe we go to school and then we are supposed to be absorbing into a Labour force maybe become a lawyer, engineer, civil engineer, journalist and any can of form right. That is what our educational system is build for. Currently as we stand we live in a creator economy and we live in the age of AI where information is in abundance so the educational system that we had in the past is no longer working in the present as we have it and therefore the whole educational system need to be restructured to absorb the current thing that is happening.”

Nii Martey also called on the government to incorporate technical resources into the educational process.

He believes that children should be taught on how to use resources like AI to think critically and solve problems in the nation.

“What we need to teach people to do is to think critically, to be creative and they’re prompt how they ask questions or solve problems. So we can have the same problem and I think that the way someone is able to use all this IA tools which is the key thing to be underlined to solve the problem is what we should be judging and is what we should be accessing and not the IA tools themselves. They’re tools that need to be use and whether we like it or not the world is progressing and I think right from nursery or kindergarten or whatever they should all be implemented in IA someway somehow.”

In a related development, educationist Nii Armah also emphasized the need for the government and educational institutions to invest heavily in information technology in the country.

According to him, education in Ghana will regress if technology is not invested in the sector.

“Until we are able to invest heavily in that sector our education will still be behind.”

He further advised individuals to embrace themselves with technology to become the best of their-selves in academia and productivity.

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