Quality of Ghanaian music videos has improved – REX

Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
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Ghanaian Music director, cinematographer, and filmmaker Rexford Kyei Sarkodie, popularly known as Rex has praised the improvement of the quality of Ghanaian music videos. 

He was speaking in an interview on HitzFm.

According to him, the perception that Ghanaian videos are below international standards are untrue. 

He believes that Ghanaian music videos can now be compared to international standards.

”I haven’t heard this perception before, maybe because I’m Rex…what I know now is that Ghana is matching boots for boots when it comes to music videos. Like we are up there like you know, because you have legends like Jack Knight,… these people come online and actually tweet [and] compare us to people like Hype Williams… these are legends in the US so it means that we’re doing something great over here,” he said.

Rex expressed satisfaction with the evolvement of the music industry.

He noted that the music video industry has evolved from just a director with a camera to a whole team with different units working together to bring out good visuals.

”Honestly, I would say that music video has basically evolved in Ghana. You know, we went from back in the days where a director would just be the person behind the camera who is just going to take his camera and shoot and that’s it to, like the whole industry. So now we have like a whole industry we have like, stylist who like are specifically for music videos. We have makeup artists, we have art directors, etc.”

Rex was also optmistic that the expansion of the industry will be highly beneficial to the music video industry in Ghana.

“So right now it’s like, it’s been expanded, you know, so it has evolved…when you’re shooting a music video is not just about the director is about the whole [team], and I think it’s great for Ghana” he said.

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