UG: Health issues during exams to be addressed at University’s Hospital – UG Mgt’

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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Head of the Teaching and Examinations Unit of the University of Ghana Academic Affairs Directorate, Frederick Yuorkuu has advised students to address their health issues at the University of Ghana Hospital during the exam period.

Speaking to UniversNews on health issues arising around examination period, Mr. Yuorkuu explained that provisions have been made at the University of Ghana Hospital to aid students write their exams as they receive healthcare at the hospital.

He further explained that in times of health emergencies students must report their scheduled exams to the hospital or the academic affairs directorate so that they may receive due attention and facilitation on their exams as they receive healthcare from the hospital.

“We have officials at the University of Ghana hospital who are in charge of examinations at the hospital. So in case a student falls sick and is rushed to that place, what the student needs to do is just to report to the hospital authorities that he or she will have a paper to write. So they will take note of that. You can also report to the academic affairs directorate and then we will make the preparations for the person. We’ll just take the course code that they are writing and then contact the health team.”

He also advised students, especially non-residents students who are receiving healthcare from other hospitals to transfer to the University of Ghana Hospital to facilitate examinations whilst undergoing health care and treatment.

“Again, there might be some students because, we have non-resident students who may be admitted outside of the Legon hospital, students can make arrangements to be transferred to the hospital so that they can take part in the examinations.”

Mr. Yuorkuu went on to assure students of immediate healthcare in times of health emergencies during an exam. According to him such students are to undergo health stabilization and confirm ability to continue the exam with much more lenient conditions.

“In the event of writing where a student also falls sick, the ambulances, the health team are always around. So they’ll pick the student to the hospital and try to stabilize the patient. After stabilization, if the student thinks he or she can go ahead to write the examination, they will allow the student to write and they will get the script and then bring it back. students will be invigilated there, maybe they might add some additional minutes to enable the students write the examination. So these are the preparations…if student goes to the clinic too, and they see that the student might not be able to go back to the lecture hall to write, then they will send him or her to the hospital, then they will need to write the exams at the hospital.”

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