UG: Be informed of your exam schedules and venues – UG Mgt’ to students

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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Head of the Teaching and Examinations Unit of the University of Ghana Academic Affairs Directorate, Frederick Yuorkuu has urged students to be alert on their exams schedules.

Speaking to UniversNews, Mr. Yuorkuu advised students to frequently check their student emails and visit the daily exam timetable on the University’s official website to be aware of their exam venues as well.

According to him, changes made on the examination timetable are always made known through the student emails to keep students updated on the examination structure.

“I would advise again that students should be opening their University of Ghana emails… the final timetable has been released. Any other changes that will come will be sent to all students and will be posted for students to know that we’ve made changes. Again, we have the daily timetables online…we have the timetable up to the 6th of April, so you can check to see all the papers that will be taken within this time. Students will have to check on the daily timetables to be able to tell where they are supposed to take their papers. Students will have to be checking their emails constantly as well as the daily timetable. The daily timetable is on the university’s website, when you check under feature length, you’ll see as End of Semester Examination Table, click on it and you’ll be able to access the daily timetable.”

Mr.Yuorkuu assured students on progress to correct examination clashes. He stated that the students and heads of departments will be duly informed on the changes.

“So with the clashes that have been reported, we are correcting them, they will be circulated to the students and will be circulated to the [heads] of department as well as all notice boards on campus.”

Mr. Yuorkuu also called on students to maintain the University’s integrity by abiding by all the rules and regulations surrounding examination.

He mentioned some of the rules that oversee the conduct of examinations among which were smuggling of mobile phones, lateness to exams and smuggling of other foreign materials such as smart watches.

Mr. Yuorkuu also emphasized on the need for students to bring proof of validation of their identity as students of the university to take part in the examination.

He mentioned that examinations are diligently monitored by invigilators and CCTV cameras.

“Now what we would ask from the students is to help us maintain the integrity of our examinations; that is students should abide by all the university examination rules and regulations; students should not send any foreign materials closer to the examination halls, students should not try to give undue advantage in any of these examinations because we have we have the chief invigilators and we have invigilators assistants then we also have CCTV cameras in most of our examinations centers, monitoring whatever we do in there. The university also says that students should not send mobile phones into the examination hall, students are not supposed to send smartwatches, students are supposed to be seated 30 minutes to the start of each paper. Don’t go to the exam hall without a UG student valid ID card or a provisional ID card. If you don’t have the original, you’ll get the provisional ID on the STS (Students/Staff Services) portal.”

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