UG: Enroll in online courses to broaden your skillset – Dr. Appiah advises students

Aba Adadziewaa Addison
Aba Adadziewaa Addison
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Lecturer from the University of Ghana Business School, Dr. Daniel Appiah has advised university students to take up online courses from other international universities to broaden their scope in their field of interest.

He was speaking at an event organised by the University of Ghana Business School in partnership with Society Influencers Foundation dubbed “Trans-Political Business in Ghana” at the R.S Amegashie Auditorium in the University of Ghana on the 29th of March, 2023.

Some prominent business and political personalities spoke at the event advising students on their business and political endeavors.

Dr. Daniel Appiah advised students to take advantage of the opportunity and enroll in online courses to expand their horizons in their areas of interest and prepare them for the field of work.

He claimed that, in addition to having a degree, students who enroll in courses closely connected to their field of work have an advantage over others.

“If two students apply to join the World bank or United Nations and one of them have completed courses delivered by their staff and the other one has not, and they are looking for a job at UN meanwhile they both did the same degree program, I believe they will consider the person that has completed the course with them.”

Dr. Appiah urged students to apply for financial aid in situations where unavailable funds are deemed necessary for enrollment. 

According to him, enrolling in courses of interest can be done by simply visiting their website.

“All you need to do is visit their website and register. Registration is for free. Apply for financial aid by finding the portal, fill the form and supply the information that they need.”

Below are the some of links to some websites for online courses.

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