UG: Reading room to be opened before revision week – Legon Hall JCR Prez.

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Junior Common Room (JCR) President of the Legon Hall, Tahiru Yahaya Deshini has assured residents of the Legon Main Hall that their reading room will be reopened ahead of revision week.

This comes after residents in the Legon Main Hall complained of the closure of the reading room. 

According to these students, they are in need of the reading room to study as exams is drawing near.

Speaking to UniversNews, Tahiru Yahaya indicated that the hall management have been working to open the reading room for the residents’ use.

He stated that work towards reopening the reading room would be completed by revision week.

“I am happy to inform you that a lot of work have been done by the hall management and in progress to open the reading room. By the close of this week, we are anticipating that the reading room will be opened. It will not extend to revision week.”

Tahiru Yahaya added that the reading room has been renovated to effectively fulfill its purpose of helping students study peacefully and conveniently.

According to him, the reading room must be completely renovated to prevent students from being disturbed by undergoing work procedures.

He assured residents that the reading room issues would be resolved despite the evident delay.

“A lot of engagements have been done and as it stands now, we have changed some of the ACs, some of the chairs have been procured and a number of them have come in and so we are now working on the broken tables. We have to get to a point in time that when we are opening the reading room, it is opened for good. We don’t have to open the reading room and then [for a period of time] we will have to inconvenience students to work on the reading room and all that. Although there’s delay, this is what I came to meet and I am making sure together with the leadership of the JCR to ensure that all these [issues] are [resolved].”

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