No after parties allowed on campus – UG mg’t cautions graduands

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Public Affairs Director of the University of Ghana, Mrs. Elizier Ameyaw-Buronyah has cautioned 2023 graduands from the university to desist from holding any after party celebrations on campus after the congregation ceremonies. 

The University of Ghana is expected to hold its 2023 Congregation Ceremony from March 21st to March 25th, 2023 at the Great Hall and the Cedi Conference Room of the University. This is the first in-person graduation ceremony that has been held after the Covid-19 pandemic. The ceremony is for graduands from the College of Humanities, College of Education, College of Health Sciences, College of Basic and Applied Sciences and the School of Graduate Studies.

Speaking to UniversNews, Mrs. Ameyaw-Buronyah mentioned that all after parties’ celebrations should be held outside the premises of the University. According to her, this allows the University management to easily host guests per available capacity.

‘’Let me announce that we are not entertaining parties after graduation, after parties must be done outside the university campus because as I said we are hosting more than 12,000 graduands together with their guest. Each graduands is entitled to two guests so if you do the calculations, you can imagine the number of people we are hosting on campus. So, after each graduation ceremony we implore all graduands to kindly move outside the university campus if they want to have any after parties. If they decide to stay it will be too cumbersome for management to control.’’

Mrs. Ameyaw-Buronyah announced that graduands have been given the option to take their photography at the recreational quadrangle where a lineup of photographers have been arranged by the university.

“We have arranged for photographers to set up there for the graduands to move there when they finish with their graduation to take photograph. And so, we are announcing to all graduands that they should take note, photography will take place at the recreational quadrangle for a fee. There will be a lineup of photographers there so they can go through and select who they want to work with on that day.”

Mrs. Ameyaw-Buronyah  has also urged graduands to abide by the demands from the school management to ensure smooth congregation ceremonies.

“I want to assure all graduands that we have a very good plan for them during this graduation ceremony. We are happy that Covid 19 didn’t stop us from hosting them to an in-person graduation ceremony. So, all the necessary plans we have put in place and everything is on the congregation page on the University of Ghana website. They should go through and make sure that they abide by all that we are asking them to do and then we shall all have a happy moment together.”

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