Adopt technology to enhance your work- Frank O. Yeboah to Pharmacists

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Pharmacist and  Head of Account Maintenance Origination and Servicing (AMOS) at Stanbic Bank LtdFrank Owiredu Yeboah has urged pharmacists across the country to adapt to digital forms of delivery of their work in the light of growing technology.
Speaking at the maiden white coat ceremony organized by the University of Ghana School of Pharmacy to officially transition those who have completed 5 years, into their 6th year  (which is their clinical years).
Pharm. Frank Owiredu Yeboah delivering a speech on the theme “Retooling the pharmacist for practice in the digital age” said technology has come to stay thus pharmacists should be willing to adopt the scope to make their work better.

“We need to create a digital platform where each pharmacist will make data available that anyone can access and make meanings and learnings out of it. It is on this collaboration note that I was happy to witness the launch of the National Electronic Pharmacy project, an audacious project, but very important that the Pharmacy Council.
In collaboration with other stakeholders have created a to ensure easy and safe access to medicines across the country. This is just an example of an online platform that is coming up. Many of us pay and buy things online that we may not even be aware of. The era of a platform business is here with us. So as pharmacists are we ready to be hosted on the platform or are we the hosts so that others can then come onto our platform? Let us understand the mechanisms of this online business and use them to our advantage.”

Frank Owiredu Yeboah also stressed the importance of being prepared for unpredictable changes in the business environment. Yeboah believes that in the digital age, being ready and taking advantage of opportunities are non-negotiable for success. He urged young pharmacists to stay vigilant and embrace the possibilities presented by technological advancements.

“I want to reiterate that the environment in which we find ourselves is very fluid. It can change within the shortest time, as Covid has proven to us. Those U.S. business people who monitor the environment were able to prepare the sanitisers way ahead and they were able to make a lot of money. By the time others realized and came, people had already made all the money. It is therefore non-negotiable that for us to be successful, we must be ready and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented in the digital age.”

The Vice-Chancellor Prof Nana Aba Appiah Amfo admonished the students to prioritize the health and privacy of their patients in the discharge of their duties while fusing technology and modernisation in their work.

“It has become necessary for professionals of all fields and backgrounds to acquaint themselves with the use of digital technologies in the discharge of their duties. It is also important that every pharmacist makes a conscious effort to incorporate these technological gadgets in the accomplishment of their task for patients to enjoy a seamless healthcare experience. The use of such technologies will not only increase productivity and efficiency but also ensure the provision of value-added services to patients and stakeholders. I admonish each student taking part in the ceremony to make a resolution to protect their patients and their privacy, care for them, and uphold and maintain ethical practices in their interactions with them in order to make them feel safe. Today, you’ve been charged with ensuring professionalism in all your doings while upholding the ethics of the professional pharmacy as instituted by your forerunners.”

Andy Andoh Mensah who delivered short remarks on behalf of the class recounted moments while studying the course. He expressed gratitude to their lecturers, staff, parents, guardians, and friends for their support and emphasized the importance of their contributions to their success.

“The journey through the school of Pharmacy has been a long and interesting one. From the start, we began with a full set of characters, from the calm and quiet to the dramatic and theatrical, the punctual to the habitual, late commerce and the DBS to the Hassan entrepreneurs. We started with 77 students, but now we’re only 66, as some lectures predicted that will happened. Unfortunately, we lost our brother along the way, and so we shall observe a minute of silence for him. We say thank you to all those who made our journey thus far possible. Our lecturers and all the staff at pharmacy school, our parents and guardians, our friends and colleagues. It’s our prayer that the good Lord will see us through the rest of the journey. That’s when we finally graduate and become fully-fledged pharmacists, ready to serve and be a friend to the human race. We would once again gather to celebrate it.”

In all, 66 students at the School of Pharmacy were awarded white coats, signifying their readiness to begin practising as pharmacists. Originally, 67 students were expected to receive the honour, but unfortunately, one student passed away. Despite this loss, the remaining 66 students were able to complete the program successfully and receive their white coats.

In attendance were Hon. Lydia Seyram Alhassan, MP, Ayawaso West Wuogon; Prof. Gordon Awandare, Pro Vice-Chancellor (ASA); Prof. Julius Fobil, Provost, College of Health Sciences; Heads of Department from the  University of Ghana Medical School; staff, parents and students.

Moving forward, the white coat ceremony will become an organic tradition, taking place each year to welcome Pharma D students to their sixth and final year of study. This event serves as a symbol of the student’s readiness to take on the responsibilities of practising pharmacists, and the dedication and hard work they have put in to reach this point.


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