UG: Paradigm Shift Conference set for 18th March, 2023 at the Kofi Drah Conference Room in UG

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Legacy Life Institute, in collaboration with the University of Ghana Association of Psychology Students (UNIGAPS), is organising a program dubbed “Paradigm Shift Conference’ 23”.

The event is set to take place on the 18th March, 2023 at the Kofi Drah Conference Room in the University of Ghana.

Speaking to UniversNews, Deputy Events Co-ordinator of Legacy Life Institute, Isaac Azanda explained that the event was part of Legacy Life Institute’s aim to help people build their mind capacities for their own benefit. According to him, the institute is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals by helping them build their minds.

“We’ve seen that many people have knowledge, but then many people do not have the truth. So, we’ve dedicated our mission to communicating [a] body of wisdom that we believe are the truth. We believe that anybody who commits to this body of knowledge, they’ll be able to produce results which they want to produce. That’s how come we birth this event called ‘Paradigm Shift Conference’, where we are shifting minds from prison to purpose. We want to let everybody know that they are here for a reason, and for them to be able to achieve that, they need one very aspect, which is very important to them, which is their mind. They need to build their mind very well. There’s a way that you’re supposed to build your mind that you will be able to create what you want to create, what you believe you are here for. And that’s basically why we’ve decided that we would commit to organising these events each and every year.”

Also speaking to UniversNews, founder of Legacy Life Institute Nana Kofi Quansah explained that the conference is mostly targeted at students to help them build and improve their self. He explained that the goal of Legacy Life Institute to help students elevate their life quality by transforming their minds led to the collaboration with UNIGAPS.

“The goal of the institute is just to shift minds, transform paradigms and also elevate the quality of lives of people. So as part of our flagship events is what we call ‘The Paradigm Shift’. This is the second edition. And this year, we decided to make it bigger so that we can impact more lives because the goal is to transform minds and also elevate the quality of lives of people. So, we need to get in touch with a lot of people so that we can impact many, and that’s why this year we decided to even collaborate with the Association of psychology students, so that we can reach a large number of students who we believe is the core or the ideal target audience for our Institute, basically.”

“Paradigm Shift Conference’ 23” will be based on the theme “Repositioning your Mind from Prison to Purpose.” Special appearance will be made by the UNIGAPS President, Daniel Azure. Students are cordially invited to attend, as the conference begins at 8 AM. To register for the event, use the following link:

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