UG: Printers needed in the SRC executives offices – SRC Dep. PRO

Esther Esenam Ofori
Esther Esenam Ofori
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The University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council’s (UGSRC) Deputy Public Relations Officer, Rashid Seidu has stated that there is a need for new printers in the offices of the UGSRC executives.

This was in response to questions raised by members of the General Assembly to substantiate the estimated total for the general administrative cost of 94,753 GHS, of which 13,000 GHS were to purchase printers in the presentation of the 65th UGSRC budget statement and policy document of the University of Ghana Students ’Representative Council for the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic year.

According to Rashid Seidu, SRC officials were required to move out of the Union Building to get documents printed, as there were no functional printers in any of the offices of the officials.

“When you go to the office of the president, there is no printer. You can go there and check for yourself, there is no printer.  In the General Secretary’s office, the last time I checked, we needed some information to print, and I was personally sent to go outside to print the information which means that even the printer in the General Secretary’s office is not in good shape. It is the same with the office of the treasurer. So, if the budget is saying that we are going to get for ourselves printers, you can testify to the fact and go to the offices and check whether the printers are in good shape.”

Rashid Seidu added that each UGSRC executive with its own functioning printer would allow for the smooth running of the offices.

“I think all the offices should have their printers for the sake of convenience. All these offices are important and so I believe that the four offices, [which includes] the president, vice president, general secretary and treasurer’s should be catered for,” he said.

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