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John Collins Kaledzi
John Collins Kaledzi
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Chief Executive Officer of FingerLicking Cuisine, Francisca Nana Boakyewaa has urged student entrepreneurs to desist from blaming their campus-based businesses for their poor academic performance.

She was speaking in an exclusive interview on Talking Business on Radio Univers.

In explaining how she combines her academic work with her business as a student, Francisca stated that she motivates herself with a mindset of always seeking to do her utmost best in her endeavors and academics.  She however noted that as a student, her main priority is to graduate with good grades to make her parents proud. She went on to dismiss the use of excuses by student entrepreneurs for their academic failures.

“It’s all about my mindset from the beginning because I hate to lose, and I hate to give use something that I am doing as an excuse for failure in my life and say I didn’t do well in this exam because I’m doing this or that. Whenever I feel like I am slacking in my studies, I wake up because my parents are paying a lot of fees to bring me here. Therefore, the most important thing is to come out of this school with grades that they will be proud. So just don’t give excuses”.

Francisca noted that the university community presents numerous business opportunities that students can take, especially in areas concerning females and food. According to her, business startups require capital and effective time management.

“It’s not difficult to start a business on campus at all. There are so many things here that students can do, especially if you do something related to females and food, you are going to get many people to patronize. It is all about your capital and time management. If you think deep and believe that you can do something unique or something that someone else is not doing or even someone is doing, you can do it better, then you can start.”

Francisca also narrated how she started her business and explained how she came up with the name FingerLicking.  According to her, she sought the help of a financially endowed friend to start her business.

“I told a friend of mine who is financially endowed about my desire to start a business because I wanted to be financially stable, and he offered to give me a startup money of 400 Ghana cedis and it was okay for me to use it to start. I was very indecisive about getting the right name for my business, I wanted a name that even if other people do use it, it is catchy and he suggested FingerLicking Cuisine and I was like finger licking set a bar like an expectation. I therefore decided to go with the name because I feel like it is always going to push me to make sure I cook the right things; I make it better. So, whenever I say my business is finger licking, I have to be confident enough to say when you taste it, you will come back for more”. She revealed.

At the end of the show, partner of Talking Business on Radio Univers, Brics Africa Consultant Limited, being impressed with Francisca and her business, offered to give her a free training and advice to support her business.


FingerLicking Cuisine is a catering service operating at the University of Ghana campus. The service deals with cooking various types of stews.

Orders are taken and deliveries are made on University of Ghana campus as well as to University of Professional Studies campus.

Orders can be placed on their website, at

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