UG: I wasn’t interested in running for Deputy Speaker position – Samuel Ackom

Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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The Alexander Kwapong Hall Junior Common Room JCR President, Samuel Ackom, has revealed that he had no interest in serving the student populace by being the Deputy Speaker of the University of Ghana Parliament House.
This revelation was an attempt to erase assumptions surrounding his rejection for the nomination of Deputy Speaker position of the University of Ghana Parliament House.

Speaking to UniversNews, Samuel Ackom revealed that he was not interested in the position because it would limit his ability to be more vocal in the University of Ghana Parliament House as he would have more duties to perform as the Deputy Speaker.

“The main factor I considered was that if I become Deputy Speaker, I wouldn’t really be able to be make a lot of arguments for the students populace. I have always wanted to be at a point where I’ll be vocal, at a point where I’ll be heard and so if I become a speaker, or a Deputy Speaker, all what I’ll be doing is to be moderating sittings and all that not to suggest that he is just moderating sittings, he is doing a good job for the General Assembly and you can see, but everyone and where they want to get to get to and how they want to get to that point.”

He further stated that his lack of interest for the Deputy Speaker position was due to his mindset of serving the student populace in whatever way he can as he has been able to push for some student interest projects.

“I wanted to just be a normal representative of General Assembly. It wasn’t part of the plan because initially there were calls that I should go for General Assembly Speaker and all of that but I just wasn’t interested. I wasn’t interested in running for because I felt like even without that position as a General Assembly speaker or deputy speaker, I can still do some things in my own small way to ensure that students interest is always at heart as some projects or things have been done for the benefit of the students populace.”

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