UG: Pilot Vodafone tertiary bundle as interim internet connection on campus- TF Hostel Rep

Esther Esenam Ofori
Esther Esenam Ofori
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Representative of the James Topp Nelson Yankah Hall for the General Assembly of the University of Ghana, Mudasir Braimah has suggested the piloting of the Vodafone tertiary bundle on the University campus to address internet connectivity issues.

This follows a petition sent to the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana by the Alexander Adum Kwapong Hall Junior Common Room President, Samuel Ackom to seek the extension and enhancement of WIFI connectivity on campus. While waiting for the extension of wifi connection on Campus, the UGSRC is planning on implementing the Vodafone tertiary bundle, which is set at 6 cedis 48 pesewas per student and will serve as an interim solution to the connection issues on Campus.

Speaking in an interview on Campus Exclusive, Mudasir Braimah pleaded students to support the University of Ghana Students Representative Council (UGSRC) as they make attempts to pilot the Vodafone Tertiary Bundle.

“We’ve been talking about this Wifi extension for quite a long time. Talking about Samuel Akcom writing a petition to the Pro Vice-Chancellor to look at enhancement of network connection on campus, for now, what is the immediate solution as we wait for the extension? I would say that it would be better if we pilot [the Vodafone Tertiary Bundle] and get feedback from the [students]. [Students] should support them and let [the UGSRC] bring it on board,” he said.

He added that it is necessary for students to adjust themselves to the bundle policy to be able to make use of the interim solution to the network connectivity when it is provided. He asserted the relevance of student’s views to the UGSRC in making the Vodafone tertiary bundle optional.

“After all, it’s 6 cedis 48 pesewas and we can opt out whenever we feel like we don’t need it. Once we bring the Vodafone tertiary bundle, we also have to adjust because there are instances where some students use other network service providers apart from Vodafone so if that is the case, we have to adjust. Also, let’s just give the SRC the benefit of the doubt, lets’s roll out the programme, if we want it to be optional or whatever, let’s do piloting and get feedback from the grounds before it is implemented.”

The Vodafone tertiary bundle is a package that gives 150mins to all networks and IDD to selected countries, 5GB Data and 100 SMS to all networks hence allowing students to make calls for free as well. The General Assembly of the University of Ghana is considering purchasing this bundle to remedy network connectivity issues on campus whilst waiting for the extension of WIFI across the university’s campus.

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