Parliamentarians have sold their rights to the Executive -Manasseh Azure

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Renowned journalist and anti-corruption crusader, Manasseh Azure Awuni, has attributed Ghana’s economic challenges to the failure of the three branches of government.

According to him, parliamentarians have failed to represent the people. He claims that MPs have relinquished their power to the executive and neglected their duty to hold the government accountable.

He said this when he delivered a lecture organised by the University of Ghana to mark its 75th anniversary and mark Ghana’s 66th Independence Day. It was on the theme “Our Ghana: Reflections Integrity and Resilience”

Manasseh Awuni listed the difficulties each arm of the government faces. He specifically criticized the legislative branch, deeming it a “lost cause” and called on them to recommit to their duties.

“The legislature is a lost cause. Our parliamentarians do not represent us. They have sold their birthright to the executive and have gone to sleep. It is for this reason that our MPs, especially those on the majority side, cannot be absolved of the mess we are in… the lawmakers cannot renege on their duty, especially when some ministers are said to be more powerful than the president.”

Manasseh Azure Awuni also stressed that Ghana’s judiciary is now the only functioning arm of government, despite its weakened state. He believes that the judiciary is crucial for holding the executive and legislature accountable and serving as a check on their power. He however raised concerns over the inability of the Judiciary to properly deal with the executive, noting that it is imperative to preserve the judiciary’s autonomy to ensure Ghana’s continued progress.

“The only arm of government left now is the judiciary, even if that arm is suffering from a mild stroke. I want to address the judiciary differently because it is our only hope now. If we lose it, then everybody must as well get a gun to protect themselves. The judiciary is the only body that can still, to some extent, hold the executive and the legislature in check. It is the only body that can hold the rich and poor, young and old, mighty and powerless to account. Unfortunately, Ghana’s judiciary does not appear to have a mind of its own when it comes to dealing with the executive”

He further emphasized the importance of education in shaping the future of Ghana. He believes that in order to target the young generation and salvage the country’s future, the education system needs to be a top priority. Therefore, he calls on academia to take a stand against dishonesty in the country and use their knowledge to challenge those in authority.

We have lost the past and lost the present. If we can salvage the future, then we need to target the young ones, and this is the reason I strongly believe that one important way to do that is to get our education right. I have faith in our educational institution’s ability to succeed where all institutions have failed….Academia should also take a stand against dishonesty in our country and challenge authorities with the power of their knowledge.

The event was moderated by Ace Journalist and Communication Director of GRDCo Dzifa Bampoh and chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana Prof. Nana Aba Appiah Amfo.

The Pro Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic and students affairs, Prof Gordon Awandare and the Chair of the University Council, Rt. Justice Sophia Akufo were also present at the event.

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