Independence Day: Road, lightening works underway as part of preparations towards celebration – Volta Reginal Minister

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Volta Regional Minister Archibald Mensah Letsa has stated that various road and lightning works are being undertaken in towns across the Volta Region as part of preparations for this year’s Independence Day celebration.

As part of the president’s policy to rotate the celebration of Independence Day across the regions, the Volta Region has been chosen to host this year’s 66th anniversary.

This was announced by the Director of Operations at the Office of the President, Mr. Lord Commey, who said that President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo had chosen the Volta Region to host this year’s celebration.

In a recent media engagement, Archibald Mensah Letsa stated that both national and local programs had been set up ahead of the celebration

Also, he added that Chiefs and other important stakeholders had also been informed ahead of the anniversary, which will happen at the Regional Youth Center in the Volta Region on March 6, 2023.

“Various subcommittees have informed, the chiefs have been informed. We have drawn our programs. There are national programs, the local programs, and the venue is getting ready. We doing a lot of work in the town in terms of roadways and lighting to improve the security of the town. And there are many activities that are going on in the in preparation for hosting this very important anniversary, we have settled on the venue. The venue is the Regional Youth Center. That is why we are holding this event,” he said

He further added that the regional rotation of the venue Independence Day Celebration will help in marketing the various regions to attract investors and other opportunities.

“When we’re talking about local economic development as a resource of all the assemblies, I think that this is going to play a very important role especially when we’ve been trying to market our region to investors and also to market our region as a very important tourist destination. This is an opportunity for us to leverage on this celebration and to open up the region to ensure that the maximum benefits from hosting, apart from the immediate benefits to the community, the medium term to long term benefits is also derived by the people of this region,” he added.

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