Take up side hustles – Entrepreneur urges youth

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Co-founder of JamRock Restaurant at the Oak Plaza hotel. , Elizabeth Omodele Olympio-Emanuel has encouraged the youth to take up side hustles aside from education.
She made this known at  an event dubbed evening of relaxation and lesson on resilience at the JamRock Restaurant, Oak Plaza Hotel, where she talked about her life and resilience
It was part of activities earmarked for the UG at 75 anniversary
Speaking to Univers, Elizabeth tasked students coming out from the University to be ready to explore markets and do other businesses that could be away from their field of study.

 Have side hustles and even though education may give you a 9 to 5, you should be able to equip yourself with business. Entrepreneurship should be key and at the core of your existence.

She urged to increase hostel facilities and embark on community projects.

”For the University, I think we should look at increasing hostel facilities and community projects, so there is more student involvement and students are not only focused on the course schedules. They become more rounded with the extra curriculum activities as well but of course, focusing on their courses as well”, she added.

She also expressed gratitude to the University of Ghana 75 years anniversary committee for selecting her as an Alumni to share her story with the student populace.

”This is the gathering of a University of which I am an alumnus. I am a proud alumnus and I earned my alumni status, I enjoy it. This has been a privilege, the biggest honor to have the entire University of Ghana, Legon, hold one of the 75th-anniversary events at JamRock. It is for me, the biggest achievement and I would really love to see this dream of owning a hospitality training school emanate, JamRock hospitality training school.”

Elizabeth Omodele Olympio-Emanuel is an entrepreneur, hospitality professional, building contractor, social activist, and philanthropist. She is also the co-founder of JamRock Restaurant at the Oak Plaza hotel.

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