UGIS75 GAMES: Plans are underway to address concerns regarding Ajax park and football- Coach Yussif Tahiru

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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Coach at the UG sports directorate Yussif Tahiru Amadu has revealed that his outfit is working diligently to resolve concerns over the AJAX pitches and balls used for the male football matches.

Earlier, Male football coaches of Nelson hall, Akuafo Hall and Distance education have raised concerns about the quality of the pitch and ball used for the male football matches.

According to them, the pitch is so hard to the extent that it affects their performance on the pitch and the ball used for football games needs to  be changed because it can be easily be carried away by the air.

The coaches made an appeal to the authorities at the university of Ghana sports directorate to address the concerns as soon as possible.

Akuafo Hall head coach Asamoah Ebenezer said the pitch is not good enough for competition like this.

“The pitch is not favorable for the boys you don’t see the beauty of the games I don’t know why we have the Sarbah main field and the Union  park but we are not using it so that we see the beauty of the game it makes it very difficult for my guys to operate  I think they should take a very good care of the pitches they have been over used I think is high time they stop them and try and do some maintenance and make sure the field is in a good shape for such a competition like this”, Ebenezer told Univers Sports

Nelson hall head coach Baah also lamented over the poor nature of the pitch and called on UG sports directorate to move the games to the Union Park and Sarbah field.

“I have a very big problem with the pitch because before the game I tried to contact him for us to  use the union park because the pitches are in a very bad shape the ground is so hard and then it is not so levelled in order for the boys to control the ball and even the balls are very bad we had to bring our own ball which is even as bad as the ones thye brought so it is very bad and it needs to be worked on by the school. He said

I will plead with the authorities to  do something about it either ways all the games should be played on the union park and Sarbah field because these two Ajax pitches are bad and we need to face the fact”

And finally distance education male football team head coach Abdul Rahman Kassim Ricky called for the balls used for the football matches to be changed.

“Yes sometimes the pitch is a little bit harder which some of the balls needs to be changed because some of the balls are wavy and the air carries it like that so they have to work on the balls”, Abdul Rahman told Univers Sports

In addressing these concerns, Coach at the University of Ghana Sports directorate Yussif Tahiru Amadu spoke exclusively to univers sports on the sports express show and  revealed that the directorate is working on procuring new balls for the football matches but it has not been easy with the process.

“With the AJAX 1 and AJAX 2 because of the way we use it we find it difficult getting some part of the pitch with the grass and the rest but we have the main field and the union field that we are using as well. Now with regards to  the ball when they complain we use their own football that they use to play so I don’t see why we should complain yes we are tying to get more balls so that we put the ones they are complaining about aside but the procurement has not been easy”, He revealed to Univers Sports.

He also added that football matches will be played on the main field and Union Park as soon as the Women’s football matches are done.

We are trying our best the ladies will finish their matches very soon then we move most of the matches to the main field and the union field but it will come back to the time if they come early we can play two matches at Sarbah and main field and then two matches at the union Park but if we put two matches there we can not play because the students will not be available to play the game so that is why we force to use AJAX 1 and AJAX 2 pitches”, He added.


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