“Entrepreneurship is not only difficult but a lonely field as well” – Worship Frimpong

Sika Togoh
Sika Togoh
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The Co-founder and Managing Director of Adane Chemist Limited, Worship Joshua Frimpong has noted that Entrepreneurship as a profession is not only a difficult path to chart for young persons but also a very lonely place to be.

Speaking as a Guest Speaker at the Alice Talkworld Conference 2023, Mr. Frimpong stated that, per his experience in the field of entrepreneurship, it requires a lot of discipline and determination to succeed especially when only a few people thrive in that environment of creating value and solutions to identified problems in society.

“Entrepreneurship is not only difficult but a lonely field as well. At the beginning, you will not get people who understand your vision exactly how you see it. It takes a while before people come to terms with the journey you are on and give it their all. Until then, you will need to be tactful in handling the situation in the most effective way. It is also very lonely in terms that as a start up, you do not have enough funds to pay the requisite personnel and the process to attract funding takes a lot of time to prove the viability of the business idea to prospective investors in general.”

Mr. Frimpong also indicated that to excel as an entrepreneur in today’s fast changing world, there must be focus on self-development and training of the individual behind the business or brand to achieve optimum results in an ultra-competitive corporate world.

“When I began my climate change foundation, I had to involve myself in most of the clerical work like writing and editing articles, keeping files, scheduling meetings with staff and stakeholders, among others. These experiences have built me up to be the individual I am today in a thriving company. The key components need to thrive in any field of entrepreneurship include discipline and resilience which keep you grounded in your business dealings, no matter how successful the business grows because there would be days that you will lose deals and have unrealistic ambitions, but resilience and discipline will hold you down not to give up so easily.”


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