Create business ideas that solve problems – Apostle Akuffo urges Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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Managing Consultant of Strategy Bureau African Limited, Apostle Austin Akuffo Ansah has urged Entrepreneurs to focus more on bringing forth business ideas that are capable of addressing challenges in the country.

Speaking on the Talking Business on Radio Univers Show with Dr. Alhaji Abubakar Sidick Ahmed, Apostle Akuffo explained that each new business idea launched by entrepreneurs should come with an objective proposal to address issues, challenges in the country.

“The first point is, your idea will qualify to be a variable if it solves a problem, bridges a gap or addresses a challenge. The challenge could be the minute test of challenges and it could be remote and could be close to you. It could also be international and global. That idea must have a capacity to address this challenges or deal with the situations we have. There could be even an existing product idea service already but the way you will know that your idea will be is variable if it adds any value to what is already there,” he said.

He added that adding value to a business product would make a good variable idea more appealing to clients.

“Second factor to consider, if your idea adds any value to your target audience, this whole process in refining your idea is what I called the ideation process. It is a first to step to developing a variable or sustainable enterprise,” he added.

Apostle Akuffo however stressed that selecting a business idea is influenced by a person’s passion, skills, and other characteristics as it inspires an entrepreneur to put forth the effort necessary to successfully start the business.

“Your idea must also align with your passion as an individual. So, what you are passionate about is what you give your all to. For example, look at a situation where you’re employed in a company where you are not so enthused about the role, company and whatever it is you are doing there. It becomes very difficult to give your all but if it is something you are so passionate about and something you love to do even if you’re not getting paid, you give your all. So, you must align your passion to that certain idea,” he added.

Talking Business on Radio Univers

Radio Univers in partnership with Brics Africa Consultant Limited has launched a new magazine show dubbed ‘Talking Business on Radio Univers”.

The show airs every Friday from 5:00 pm to 6:00pm.

The program seeks to provide students and young adults who are starting businesses with the necessary guidance and assistance to help close the job gap in Ghana and throughout Africa.


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