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Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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The Vice President of the University of Ghana Student Representative Council, Abraham Lincoln, has blamed the immediate past SRC executives for agreeing to increase supplementary resit fees and failing to communicate it to students.
This comes after students raised concerns over the astronomical rise in resit fees above 200% within a short period of time.

In a communique signed by the Vice President of UG SRC, it said, after engaging the acting director of academic affairs, Frederick Yourkuu, it was revealed a committee was set by the Academic Affairs Board to “scrub” or continue the supplementary resit examination. However, it was agreed that the examination would be maintained but have some fee adjustments.

” A committee was set by the Academic Board of the University last year to either “scrub” the supplementary resit or continue with it. The findings of the committee was that due to the massive negative impact it would have on certain students if the supplementary resit is scrubbed, it should still hold but certain adjustments such an increment in the price shall be enacted in the following Academic year ( 2022-2023) “

The communique said the Asumadu-led administration failed to communicate the agreed increments to students although they were actively involved in the decision-making process.

“Information regarding the increment should have been made public because representatives from the previous SRC were present in the findings of that committee, which they failed to inform the student populace of this notice. Prior to this, no information about the increment of the fees was Communicated.

Abraham Lincoln, however, assured the student populace that his outfit is engaging the management of the University to find other ways to address the situation.

“The SRC, through the Academic Affairs committee, is still deliberating with appropriate authorities about the way forward. Further deliberations would be communicated to the entire student body. “

In an interview with Univers News, some students expressed their agitation over the increment of fees charged for supplementary resit examination.
According to them, fees charged for this particular examination, which was previously GHC79 are now priced at GHC 300 Ghana Cedis.

“This morning, I logged in to Sts to do my resit registration, only for me to realize that there has been an increment from 91 cedis to GHC 300, where am I going to get the money to register for just resit, I can’t think far, UG management why, do something about it because, this increment is so unreasonable” Abena Adoma, a Level 300 student said

Another student, James also expressed anger over the increment.

“This is like hyperinflation, it is too much, almost 200%. Something should be done about this, GHC 300 from 93 cedis. Charley.”

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