UGFL 2023 MATCH PREVIEW: 🟡Kwapong Hall vs. 🔷Legon Hall

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Kwapong- Legon Hall games are usually dicey duels for a knockout contest.
The fixture has seen only two goals in the last three meetings, a picture which corroborates the theory that both teams will have preferred to take on each other in the final group fixture.
Nevertheless they will take some solace in the revised format; a single round-robin.

KWAPONG HALL (All blacks)

Identified by their famous black Jersey in 2016 that led them to a historic campaign, the _All blacks_ best finish in the UGFL was in 2022, where they finished 4th, after enduring a painful penalties Shoot-out loss to eventual winners Bani Hall in the semi-final.
led by reliable trainer *Theophilus Dramani Innocent* (GFA license D) who has the core of the team at his disposal, the _all blacks_ will hoping to translate the big names into trophy success following their recent loss to Elizabeth Sey hall in their final preparatory game.
The All blacks can rely strongly on the plethora of talents; Kelvin Ankrah, Derrick Ampadu, Hafiz Osman and the sharp shooting Tieku Emmanuel to grind results.

LEGON HALL ( Landlords)
Legon Hall have had a rough patch lately , with the surprise loss to Kwapong hall in the Quarter-Final of last year’s UGFL icing the cake of their recent troubles. This could also be a signal that the Legon Hall football project may be gradually loosing steam, and Coach *Emmanuel Ayreetey Agyeman* will have to punch a bit of hope and resuscitate the belied of the fans and players.
The _landlords_ and the _Vikings_ have been disappointing output in the last 3 to 4 editions of the UGFL.
The departure of the Experienced UG soccer team striker, Orlando will certainly force Legon Hall to ring changes into their set up and perhaps adopt a different tactical approach. The big boost will be the availability of Captain Kenny Boateng and Luis.

In an exclusive interview with Univers Sports, this is what coaches for both sides had to say;

🗣️Theophilus (Kwapong)


” Our fans can play a big role in the game. I believe in the lads and we hope for a positive result”



” It is going to be a difficult game. We took positives from last year’s early exit and We are preparing well”



Friday’s fixture will be only the fourth fixture between Alex Kwapong Hall and Legon Hall since 2016 season.

° Kwapong has won three with Legon hall only once.

° The last three fixtures between both sides have produced 3 goals.

° Union park will host Kwapong and Legon for the very first time since it was built.

° Legon Hall football team have not lost their opening fixture in the UGFL when it is played in the Round Robin format (since 2014)

° Alex Kwapong had the best defensive record in the 2022 UGFL , conceding a single goal in regulation time _(vs. Akuffo 3rd place match)

°Alex Kwapong hall is only the 4th non-traditional hall to reach the semi-final of the University of Ghana Football League (UGFL). Only the James Topp Nelson Hannah Hall (TF), Limann hall and Bani Hall have equalled this feat.

° Landlords (Legon) Hall have lost their last two fixtures against a non-traditional hall. their worst run since 2018

° The  All blacks have only won 1 of their last three fixtures versus non-traditional halls.  (vs. Legon Hall; UGFL ’22_)

The game will kick off at exactly
🏟️ Union Park  (Opposite Ayax 2 park)
🗓️ 17th February, 2023

✒️Story By: Godfred Dampte-Larbi



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