#UGIS75: Inter-Hall games to feature Pickleball, Teqball and Armwrestling – Dr. Bello Bitugu

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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Director of sports at the University of Ghana Sports Directorate, Dr. Bello Bitugu has revealed that new disciplines will be introduced in this year’s inter hall games to augment the existing disciplines.

He said that new disciplines including Pickleball, Teqball and Armwrestling has been introduced to feature in this year’s games to create the opportunity for others to join and showcase their potential.

He spoke to UniversSports at the launching ceremony which took place at the volleyball court  on the University of Ghana campus.

“I mean it is a national event because it is the university of Ghana the premier university celebrating its 75th anniversary and clearly is a national thing and it is nationwide so clearly a lot of thought  has gone into it. That is again typical university of Ghana. Those are some of the disciplines that will be introduced the Pickleball, Teqball and maybe arm wrestling and some other disciplines because we always would want to create opportunity for others to join not only the classical and conventional disciplines” Dr.Bello revealed to Univers Sports

He also indicated that due to the changes made to the academic system they could not organize games specifically for the level 100s but they will be nurturing them to be part of the recruitment for the GUSA games and other competitions.

“That is something that we are going to do anytime we review we assess our strength and weaknesses. The  challenges and how to get back to the drawing board to reassess and get back and see what we can do.

“So clearly the inter halls serve as the stepping stone and the beginning of this process. Well  this inter hall is happening in January, February and March a change in the academic system we are coming back from GUSA going into the first semester normally we come back and relax going into the second semester before we recruit but we just came back from GUSA and we are recruiting so it is like a continuous work but this is a period where we have freshers coming in in January but we don’t have any competitions for them so it means so many things which means we need to work a little bit longer with them so that they do not peak unnecessarily. So it is an advantage that we can work on the very young ones for them to mature before a major competitions” Dr.  Bello Bitugu told Univers Sports

The games will span for a period of two weeks thus from Feb 16th to March 4 and disciplines include, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Goalball, Netball, Indoor Volleyball, Badminton, Beach Volleyball and others.


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