Ghana wheelchair tennis team assistant coach recounts robbery attack in nigeria

Benjamin Sackey
Benjamin Sackey
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The Ghana Wheelchair Tennis team was attacked by armed robbers in Ogun state, Nigeria this dawn at around 2:30am.

Three players got injured and others sustained minor injuries of which they are receiving treatment.

Speaking exclusively to Univers Sports, assistant head coach of the team and deputy secretary for Greater Accra Tennis Association Philip Plange has been narrating what transpired at the scene,

“We went for ITF tournament in Abuja the female side we were fourth and the male side of Ghana were sixth. On our way coming which was Sunday dawn around 2:30am there were some guys on the road we didn’t know they were armed robbers because there were series of check points on the road even some of them are not properly dressed but they can also stop you and search. Our car was coming when we were being stopped so the driver slowed down and we realized something strange so the guys gave a warning shoot and the driver was turning around. One of them used a metal to smash the front glass into the side cheek of one of our players who had a deep cut and others were injured in the course of the fight” Philip narrated to Univers Sports.

He also added that the injured players are responding to treatment and the vehicle that was damaged had been repaired with no death recoreded.

“Our players injured were hospitalized including the driver, their wounds were treated and they were discharged. The management of the team board a plane and also they paid the hospital bills and repaired the car as well so that was actually what happened but currently the players have responded to treatment and they are at the stadium so I will go there later and check their condition. Nobody died the only problem was injury and emotional trauma”, He revealed to Univers Sports.



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