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Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Administrator at the University of Ghana of Security Services, Simon Rockson, has bemoaned the inadequacy of human resources at the UG Security Services which is affecting their efficiency.

In an interview with Univers News, the Administrator said, the number of security personnel at the University of Ghana Security Services has reduced over the years. This, he says has made it difficult for them to respond to clashes and other security situations accordingly.

“Our numbers have dwindled over time, I remember when I was employed, we were around 450 on the main campus alone but the university wasn’t as large as it is today, there are more facilities, more posts are being created and the number keeps reducing and so it’s a challenge. Even though we have an emergency response team, we don’t have the personnel… We would have loved that have more numbers like you also did mention, the student population increase or if you want to quadruple”

He said the installation of security devices on campus is one of the ways the directorate was complementing its low numbers.

“So if the number that we have to keep reducing, we’d only have to concentrate on the important installations as we have a team standing by to respond to these clashes as another issue and emergency kind of in the university”

He also debunked claims that the University of Ghana Security Services had were afraid to get involved when clashes were ongoing.  He said they usually have to draw back to strategies in order to respond appropriately due to their low numbers.

Our men are sometimes not properly dressed for this crowd control. We don’t have the necessary clothing to control the crowd. If it’s going on and the members are not properly dressed, they’d just have to draw back and restrategize
Maybe that is what people are saying that security will withdraw, we won’t withdraw. It doesn’t give a good image of our service and our university community and  but we must also leave and survive to protect you. If we have people who are way below the number of security men on the ground and the other side won’t listen, we will only have to strategize and it is allowed in security.

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