Government’s lack of effort to improve mental healthcare worrying – Psychologist

Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
Emmanuella Adu Gyamfi
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Psychology Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Darkwah, has expressed his disappointment in government’s lack of effort to improve of mental healthcare in the country.

Dr. Darkwah lamented the lack of adequate concern on mental health in national issues. He stated that mental health issues are a heavy burden for society and therefore needs urgent attention.

He added that the government’s focus on nurses and doctors rather than mental health practitioners when it comes to healthcare posting demonstrates the government’s serious disregard for the country’s mental health issues.

”It is unfortunate that our research is not prioritized in the country. When anything occurs in the nation, a psychologist can handle it… But we won’t get the opportunity unless we first make an effort to participate as a group. The government always invests significantly in politics and neglects mental health issues. Whenever a medical doctor graduates from medical school, they are posted to hospital to work. But every hospital requires a psychologist, which they don’t post,” he spoke to UniversNews.

Dr. Darkwah also expressed his displeasure with how the work of a psychologist is often relayed to a Medical Doctor.

According to him, such decisions display the lack of understanding of mental healthcare on the part of government.

”For instance, a preacher may have advised a woman not to undergo surgery or a cesarean section to allow herself to be cut by a knife. This person requires psychological help. Because there’s fear in that person. Then you post a doctor and leave a psychologist. which shows the lack of understanding of mental health issues by our leaders in this country.”


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