We don’t brutalize students – UG Security Services denies allegations

Deborah Yakohene
Deborah Yakohene
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The University of Ghana Security Services has denied allegations of students brutality on the part of security personnel in the university community.

The allegations were made by the second lead convenor of the Concerned Students of University of Ghana,  Kenney Michael Tetteh, on Campus Exclusive on 6th February, 2023.

Whilst expressing the group’s issues against the University management, Mr. Tetteh added that some security personnel were brutalizing students, in opposition to their main purpose as security service personnel.

In response to the allegations, the Administrator of the University of Ghana Security Services, Mr. Simon Rockson stated that his office has not received any reports from students on brutality by security personnel.

According to him, the treatment that is offered by the campus’ security personnel to students is unmatched in terms of care and handling, compared to other agents of protection in the country.

“Usually when they talk about these brutalities, I think UG Security, when it comes to human relationships, or how to handle students, I don’t think you’d even get that from Ghana Police. I mean we do the best, we handle students the best way we think we can. We may not be enough, we may not be able to do as you want, but we are doing our best. And I don’t recall any brutality that has been reported to our office by a student.”

Mr. Rockson added that since security of students is the main priority of the security services on campus, there are strategies being laid out by the service in collaboration with the University management to ensure security and peace among students on campus.

“Before school reopened, we did put some measures; we’ve done a number of deployments. We anticipated these challenges and so we put a number of men at various flashpoints to ensure that students are safe, to ensure that there is peace, because after we have identified these flashpoints, we vary our deployment strategies. We made the University Community aware that we were going to adopt a lot of [steps] which include intelligence gathering and analysis. We are working hand-in-hand with management to ensure that everything is done.”

Story by: Deborah Yakohene | univers.ug.edu.gh


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