Instagram is the most dangerous social media network for the youth – Psychologist

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Psychology Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Dankwa has bemoaned the negative impact of social media, especially Instagram on the youth.

According to the Dr. Dankwa, social media posts set unrealistic expectation, create feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem among the youth.

Speaking to UniversNews, he revealed that some people are overly sentimental and affected by what others say on social media.

According to him, if a person posts a photo on Instagram and someone else purposefully comments negatively on the photo, it results in suicidal thoughts for the person.

”If you read about world suicide research, scholars have published that social media platform like Instagram is the most dangerous for suicidal cases, ” he said.

”Because Instagram is a picture-sharing set. So is about body image, there are people who are enticed by what people say about them. So, when such a person posts a picture and receives a negative comment, maybe, not once or twice, it then results in suicidal thoughts. That’s called cyberbullying. Such cases are worst in the developed countries because a lot of the youth have committed suicide based on what people probably told them on social media,”

Dr. Dankwa added that social media does not only allow for self-expression but “it is linked to high rates of bullying, anxiety an despair in young people.”


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