Enter the University with a balanced approach – Joyce Danso advises first years

Nana Abena Grant
Nana Abena Grant
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Founder of Career 101, Joyce Okyerewaa Danso has advised freshmen at the universities in Ghana to enter the new academic year with a balanced approach.

She was speaking on the Ladies Point show on Radio Univers 105.7fm on the topic; The UG Ladies’ Experience [Expectations versus Reality].

Joyce Danso encouraged students to explore friendships in school, and not solely focus on their academics.

“It is more of a balanced approach. I would never tell students that when you are going into a university don’t think of dating or don’t think of having friends; because it is an institution that is supposed to be balanced.  The kind of friends you make in the university would one way or the other make your career depending on the kind of friends you are making. One of my first job I got after the university was through a friend I made, who connected me to the job. So, if I went to school with the mindset that it’s just my books; my books didn’t land me my first job” she emphasized.

Joyce Danso also urged students to build the attitude of resilience to forge ahead in their academics when they encounter obstacles.

“You pick a lot of attitude but for me one of the things I would say is the spirit of resilience. As you go through school, there are many things you never prepare for……when you accept the fact that sometimes I would fail and sometimes I would meet obstacles but I would have to pick myself up.”

The Ladies Point airs every Tuesday on Radio Univers 105.7 fm.

It is an empowerment show curated specially for young girls and ladies in various cycle of education in the country.

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