UG: Akuafo Hall enstools new traditional council leadership

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Akuafo hall

Members of the Akuafo hall have enstooled new leaders to stir the affairs of its traditional council.

The enstoolment was part of the annual Adinkra Durbar held on January21, 2023 to outdoor the new Chief and queen of the traditional council.

In an interview with Univers News, the newly enstooled Chief, Nyansakuku Akwasi Akuffo (I),bemoaned the delay in the enstoolment process. According to him , the event which was scheduled for the latter part of the 2021/2022 academic year was postponed due to the ban on social gathering.

“This is something I never expected, it was very stressful. All the process, getting approval and what have you. This should have taken place last semester but we had to move it to this time when more students were in school.”

He hailed Akuafo Hall’s  traditional council and called on students to support them their endeavors.

“We are excited , we are  the only traditional council which is recognized and accepted in the University and it is always good to do this. All I want now is students to support us to serve them well,”

Some residents who also spoke to Univers News described the event as one of the ways the University is portraying Ghana’s culture and traditions.

Chantel said “the event was a success and an amazing one, it helped portray the culture of our Ghanaian heritage”.

Akweley also added that she looks forward to organizations of the events in coming years.

“I look, forward to the replication of this tradition every year. I mean this was fun and we can only ask for more.”

The event took place at the fountain in Akuafo hall.

Story by: Maame Aba Akwanowa Amissah |

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