We have began transporting foodstuff to SHSs- Education Ministry

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Education Ministry

The Ministry of Education has revealed that adequate food has been sent to various Senior High Schools (SHSs) in the country.

This is related to recent concerns of food shortages in schools.
According to the Head of public affairs at the Education Ministry’s Kwesi Kwarteng, truckloads of food have been sent to schools,

He stated that the government was making plans to ensure that additional supplies that were not readily available were transported as quickly as possible.

“We are loading the trucks with foodstuff and make sure that they deliver to the schools. So in terms of food supply in the various schools, indeed some have reached the schools already. Largely, a lot of the schools have adequate supplies, but we are making sure that arrangements are made for other commodities for which they need supplies.

“These arrangements are also happening in other districts and regions. I can confirm that we are making efforts to get our kids fed,” Kwesi Kwarteng said

Meanwhile, the Deputy director of the Institute for Education Studies, Patrick Danquah said the government should make data-driven decisions to help eradicate the problem of food shortages in Senior High Schools (SHSs).

Speaking to UniversNews, Patrick Danquah revealed that data-driven decisions would help the government plan well to effectively provide food to seniors in high schools.

“If the kids are not well nourished how do they learn? It is very basic. We need to make data driven decisions. We need to find out how much of feed that needs to get to the children, how much do we give to them and use that to plan well been cause we keep having pocket sets of issues when it comes to their feeding so we need to make data driven decision making so they’ll be able to use data to analyze the actual capacity or the actual extent of the problem.”

Patrick Danquah further called for the involvement of parents in decisions regarding school feeding in senior high schools.

“And also involve the parents. Because running of a school, it is not just the school support system we have to include the parents, so that whenever we find issues, we see how the parents can also support.”

Story by Gideon Nicholas Day | Univers.ug.edu.gh


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