UG: “Everything is messed up” – UGEL Hall residents bemoan delay in renovations

Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
Nana Kwegyirba Koomson
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Some residents in the University of Ghana Enterprise Limited (UGEL) Halls have lamented the poor state of their rooms upon their arrival on campus ahead of the resumption of academic activities for the 2022/2023 academic year.

The residents are angry at how long it has taken for the renovations to be completed considering that they went on a three-month long vacation.

Speaking to UniverNews, some of the residents expressed dissatisfaction over the job done by the contractors judging from the huge residential fees they’ve been asked to pay for the academic year.

” The renovation they said they were doing, its not renovation as sinks are leaking, bathrooms lack proper drainage system, even wardrobes are halfway done with no knobs and everything is just messed up. The painting done too is just first coating. If you are doing renovation, do a proper one. instead of this and be charging us GHC 1,920 per semester. Some rooms also have their tiles removed and left halfway.”, a resident said.

Other residents also bemoaned the poor state of the rooms with no bed slats and the leakages of sinks.

”I came to the hall and realized that my bed slats are broken and not in good condition. Where do you expect us to sleep? Our sinks are leaking. what kind of renovations are those?”, another resident said.

Some other residents praised the authorities for the work being done but urged them to quickly complete the works to ease residents.

”Renovations have helped a lot. I mean they had lots of issues but now some have been addressed. My only wish is that it has to be completed in order to be beneficial. We had to close the taps from inside so that the water doesn’t flood the place so we have no water flowing in our rooms” another also added.

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