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It was about 7:30 AM on Monday, the 16th day of January 2023 and the  University of Ghana level 100 students were already on their way to have their first lectures and meet their colleagues for the first time. The atmosphere at the  University Of Ghana, Legon campus came back to life like that of the Kejetia and Makola market after some months of vacation. This is the usual euphoria and the expectations of both residents and non-residents.

The busy Diaspora-Night Market, Pent-Evandy-TF, and the descending Vandal City stretch were not abandoned like a devastated war zone but were vibrating as students heads to class either by foot, shuttle or a private car. Whereas continuing students saw lectures as a normal thing, the freshers were eager and excited to go for lectures for the first time in other to study, relate and to connect. Nonetheless, some freshers were busily doing their manual registration and some chasing their timetables as if lectures had not started.

I went through some of the Lecture halls like the Central Cafeteria (CC), N Block, GCB Main, and the New N Block, and in the evening  I toured the Jones Quartey Building .

At the Central Cafeteria (CC), it was a level 100 Social Work (SOWK 111) 11:30 am class. The lecture hall was full to capacity and you could see that students were attentively listening to the lecturer.

At the Ghana Commercial Building (GCB Main), we saw a few number of students occupying this biggest lecture auditorium around 1:45 pm

The team headed to the New N Block (NNB) lecture halls. At NNB2, it was a level 100 Political Science (POLI 111) class and as usual the number of students in the class was massive as expected. The students have come in their numbers to have academic engagement with their lovely lecturer

New Block (NB) was our next stop. At NB2 we saw a half full level 100 class in the mid-afternoon session

In the evening at the famous Jones Quartey Building (JQB) lecture hall, I was  at JQB 22 and 14, At JQB 22, it was a level 100 Computer Science (DCIT 101) evening class. The lecture hall was full to capacity to the extent that some students had to stand outside for the lecture. The lecture was supposed to be in two sessions from 5:30pm to 6:30pm and 6:30pm to 7:30pm classes. But the class was joined together. This could have happened maybe it was the first day lecture and many at times, it is an introductory class.

Though my focus was on the freshers, I visited two lecture halls where continuing students were having their class. At JQB 23, it was the famous, most loved and cherished Professor Gyampo’s level 300 Political Science (POLI 341) 11:30 am class. Students turned massively to continue to enjoy the newly Professor

At JQB 14, it was Dr. Isaac Mensah Boafo’s level 300 Sociology (SOCI 321) 5:30 pm class. Almost all registered students for that course attended the lecture. I had the opportunity to sit at the back to enjoy the lecture. though it was an introductory class, it was an interactive class and students were happy. I was his student and his class has always been an interactive one. 


The team had an engagements with seven level 100 students. They shared their excitements, disappointments, and expectations from admission to their first day in class.

At the Kufour quadrangle or Balme Library Gardens, we interacted with two beautiful ladies, Nana Adwoa and Jessica, both non-resident students and are offering Biological Sciences. They were products of the Methodist Girls Senior High School, Manfe.

“I was happy when I got the admission. My first day in class was ok, it was basics, and it was more of introductory” Nana Adwoa recounted. Nana is not a fun of Legon and as such had wanted to go to UCC but was persuaded by her parents to come to Legon. Jessica said, “I was excited for getting admission. I got the school I wanted. Legon has been my dream school, it was my first choice. Both Nana Adwoa and Jessica had two classes (Physics and Chemistry) on the first day of lecture

In front of the Blame Library,  Two level 100 gentlemen, Michael and Derrick. Both students lamented their inability to to secure accommodation,

Michael  said “I was not expecting to be admitted here, I was afraid that maybe my grade, but when I saw my grade I was quite confident that maybe i will be admitted here so when I was admitted I was excited. UG was my dream school. My admission came late so i was not able to secure accommodation. I commute to campus from Oyarifa”.

He added that being a non resident will affect his studies.

”Yes, it will really affect me. For instance today, I am having a class at 5:30 pm so maybe I will close at 7:30 pm and by 8:00 pm I will reach home and instead of me to study i will go and sleep because i will be tired. So it is quite stressful. But, i will have a plan, a timetable”

Sharing his expectations and experience, Derrick  said ,

“I was excited , I was expecting to get admission so it was not that surprising to me. When I had it I was happy and hoping to come to campus. UG was my dream school. I even had the admission early but when the residential portal was opened, I was not able to get a hall, within two minutes they said the rooms were full. It was not easy. It was not as if I was not online, I even asked a friend whether he had it and he was like, I was even at the Internet cafe, but he too could not able to get a hall. I was even having headache. I wanted to be on campus but unfortunately I did not get it so I have to be….I was sad but now I think I am good. After all and in everything we have to give thanks to the Lord so I have to take it like that. But I was sad but now I am cool. My roommates, I am fine with them. Being a non-resident may affect me but I should not, I will not let it it to be a factor to deprive me from learning. So I have to do extra, maybe… I am at Rawlings Circle and from that place to here is not that far so… it may affect but I will not let it to affect me.

Gifty from Kpando Senior High School also shared her experience with us . She was offered Spanish, Linguistics, and French. According to Gifty, she chose those courses herself. It was not given to her as students always use to say.

UG has always been my dream school. i was in the French class this morning and it was okay. I enjoyed the lecture. I could not secure a room. I stay at my parents house in Madina. Home is cool for me. My status as non-resident will not affect my studies.

A level 100 Computer Science (DCIT 101); Fulbert coming from Adisadel College and Eugenia from Kumasi Secondary Technical School (KSTS) also shared their experiences with us.

“I was happy to be admitted into Legon. UG was my dream school. I feel a little relief. I am a non-resident commuting from Agboba to campus everyday. This is my third class for the day and it has been really stressful. Fulbert said.

Eugenia narrated, “UG was my dream school and so I was excited when I got the admission. I was frustrated initially because my admission came late. I am currently a non-resident and it is really stressful”.

It is always said that, good beginning makes good ending, it is my unshakeable belief and hope that the level of alacrity exhibited by most level 100s at their first university lectures will be effectively carried to the latter. The seven students we interviewed randomly were all non-resident students and looking at how they were not happy is an indication that, accommodation on campus is a bigger challenge that needed to be solved as soon as possible. On that note, I will call on the University of Ghana Management, the SRC, and all stakeholders to put their hand on the plough in order to curb this canker. The SRC Hostel Project must start now to lessen the accommodation burden”.

Written by: Samuel Kwame Owusu (SKO)|

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