Don’t bring Course registration issues to us – UGCS to freshers

Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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Chief Information Technology Officer of the University of Ghana Computing Systems(UGCS), Francis Boachie has advised freshmen to channel issues regarding registration of courses to their respective departments and colleges for help, as the University of Ghana Computer Systems (UGCS) simply deals with ensuring the smooth access to all the university’s online systems.

Speaking to Univers News, Mr Boachie stated that the University of Computing Systems (UGCS) is the enabling unit of the university and as such issues with courses should be directed to the various departments and colleges.

“Students have to go to the relevant places. If you have academic course issues, you go to the department, not to UGCS, if you do not see your courses loaded it is not UGCS. We are an enabling unit. We enable all the other individual stakeholders on campus to do what they’re supposed to make this education the best.”

Meanwhile, Management of the University of Ghana has revealed that it has not totally ended admission for newly admitted students.

The Pro Vice-chancellor in charge of Academic and student affairs, Prof . Gordon Awandare in an interview with Univers news said although admissions are over for some major courses, the university of working on creating more spaces in order to admit more students.

Most programmes are full but there are a few programmes that still have some gaps that we may be attempting to do some supplementary in the next few days, but for most programmes, they are full now. We haven’t closed [admissions] completely but most of the ‘hotly’ desired programmes are full. There are just a few more that are not yet full that we can do a bit more additions.

Level 100 students of the University of Ghana have reported to school and are expected to start classes on January 16, 2022.

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