Nana Abena Grant writes: Levelling up in 2023; baby steps

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“New year, new me”; does this sound familiar?

This is a phrase a lot of people use around this time of the year in hopes of ditching old bad habits and becoming better.

Even though, many people have classified it as a cliché over the years. It can work magic for you if you put your mind and pour your soul into making a new year, a new version of you, work!

“New year, new me” The rationale behind it.

“For me, it is about looking back on the previous year and making conscious decision for the days ahead” – Adwoa Pomaa

“It is my own way of creating the future I desire” – Samuel Baiden

“I need to surround myself with positivity regardless of what had happened in the last year. To me, it is an affirmation of new things to come” – Collins Kumah

New year resolutions mean different things to different people. Over time, “new year, new me” has become the perfect excuse for some people to try avoid their bad habits, and turn over a new leaf. The new year presents the opportunity of a clean slate; which many take advantage of, to make their lives better than by setting resolutions.

Resolutions set often include lifestyle changes, behaviours that have become routine (good or bad) and goals an individual wants to achieve in the year. How do you tap into this trend and make the most out of it in 2023? Its simple but consistency is key in achieving your goals.


Reflection is imperative in understanding life; how you live, or you have lived it. Rather than moving on to the next task or phase of life, you can take time to review the process and outcome of how you have been living. Consciousness and mindfulness of your environment can lead you to finding purpose, and centred in your endeavours.

Firstly, get yourself a journal or a notepad and write the answers to the following questions down. Ask yourself; what were you grateful for in the year that has passed? What was the good, bad, and ugly? What would you like to change? Did you love your job? Did you attain your academic goals? Do you wish to get closer to your family? Recap different spheres of your life and sincerely express how you felt or feel.


Detox, according to Google’s English Dictionary simply means abstain from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.

In 2023, you are levelling up by ridding your life of toxic substances. There are a number of things that you need to unload before they break your back. While, reflecting on your life, there were a few things you were not so proud of. For instance, eating habit, sleep pattern, a circle of friends, a toxic working environment. You need to cut loose on these habits in order build new.

You can start by digital detox. Rearrange your digital space, uninstall social media apps that leave you feeling empty and pressured about the progress of your life. A simple activity such as decluttering your desktop may be helpful. Now, clean your physical space.

Get rid of the items you don’t have use of that take up space and yet bring you no productivity or pleasure. You can decide to let go of some friendships, strategize on how to move in a toxic work environment or quitting the job if you can afford to. These lifestyle habits change will go a long way in uplifting your spirit.

You know what you are unhappy about in your life, detox but letting go them.


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In 2023, put your best foot forward by being strategic in your every move.
Someone’s plan is to be fluid. Go with the flow and be spontaneous. Another’s plan is intentionality. Making carefully thought-out decisions and steps about their life. Both works fine for different people in different stages of their lives.

In 2023, we are choosing the latter. You are manifesting your live and stepping into the most successful timeline of your life.

Start off by setting goals. Faith, career, relationships, experiences, just to name a few are varied areas of your life you can set goals. Goals should be realistic, smart and measurable. Do not overreach but also do not limit yourself.

After creating your goals, get yourself a vision board, place it where you would see it everyday to remind you of your dreams.

Goal setting is not enough in levelling up. You need to set systems to achieve these goals. For instance, if the goal is to lose weight in 2023. Set systems such as, drinking water regularly, exercising often, eating well and sleeping well. These step-by-step systems would aid you in achieving your goals.

Remember, you can shine whenever and wherever. You do not need permission to shine bright and no one has the right to dim your lights. However, commitment and consistency is key in reaching for the life that you dream of. Others are already living it, and so can you!

The views expressed and information shared is for educational purposes only. The content should not be taken as medical science advice.

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