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Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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Chief Information Technology Officer at the University of Ghana Computer Systems(UGCS), Francis Boachie, has revealed that the number of beds uploaded for residential applications was not enough, as the number of freshmen significantly outweighed the available beds.

The University of Ghana, on 4 January 2023 opened its residential application portal for freshmen accepted into the University, to register for accommodation at halls of their choice. The process which began at 9 am ended quickly, with a number of students lamenting their inability to secure rooms.

The Chief Information Technology Officer at the University of Ghana Computer Systems(UGCS), Francis Boachie however said the situation may take a while longer to change since there isn’t enough space to accommodate all the students.

I don’t think that we have enough beds for everyone and of course, the room will finish as soon as possible. I mean, you have about 14,000 possible persons looking for less than 2000 beds. So definitely you don’t expect it to last long.

He also said the University is working to provide more accommodation slots for students next academic year.

We will continue to support whoever comes in. We are working hard to make sure that come next year things would be much better. A lot of rooms or accommodation will be there so that this frustration, especially people who are coming from far wide will be able to get some accommodations, be able to do their courses.

Mr. Boachie revealed that UGCS is also working with management to provide effective support for students in need of clarification on university-related issues.

We are hoping to work with other stakeholders to make sure that student support is spread across campus. For example, we have an information center where students could walk in and get all the advice they need if it has to do with the registration of courses.

He further advised freshmen and all students alike that issues regarding courses should be taken to their respective departments and colleges for help, as the University of Ghana Computer Systems (UGCS) simply deals with ensuring smooth access to all the university’s online systems.

Students have to go to the relevant places. If you have academic course issues, you go to the department, not to UGCS, if you do not see your courses loaded it is not UGCS. We are an enabling unit. We enable all the other individual stakeholders on campus to do what they’re supposed to make this education the best.

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