UG: Follow University regulations and focus on your studies when you come – Prof. Awandare tells freshers

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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The Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of academic and student affairs at the University of Ghana has urged newly admitted students to adhere to the university’s regulations and focus on their academics when they report to the school.

Level 100 University of Ghana students are expected to report from Wednesday, January 5, 2023, to January 8, 2023.

Speaking in an interview with Univers news, Prof Gordon Awandare advised the freshers to follow the University regulations in order to enjoy their stay in the institution.

We welcome them and hope they follow university regulations and focus on their studies.
That’s what we are going to ask of them

He congratulated the newly admitted students on gaining admission to the University of Ghana despite the vast number of students who applied.

 I’m sure many of them are delighted to have the opportunity to come here. They are a privileged group of people.
Many many thousands of students also applied and were not able to get in because of the space limitation so we congratulate them for getting accepted to come this world-class University.
We hope that they will enjoy their stay and that management will do our part to make sure that they have a pleasant experience here.

He, however, urged applicants who are waiting for admission to the University of Ghana to keep their hopes alive since the University is not completely done with level 100 admissions.

Most programmes are full but there are a few that still have some gaps that we may be attempting to do some supplementary in the next few days, but for most programmes, they are full now. We haven’t closed [admissions] completely but most of the ‘hotly’ desired programmes are full. There are just a few more that are not yet full that we can make a bit more additions.

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