Sudan police tear-gas pro-democracy protests

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Sudanese security forces in the capital have fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse thousands of people protesting against military rule.

The demonstrators marched towards the presidential palace but were chased away by police.

They dismissed a deal signed recently between the military and civilians, saying it was too vague.

The protest took place on the fourth anniversary of the start of an uprising that toppled Omar al-Bashir.

He had been in power for three decades before he was forced out in April 2019.

The short-lived transition to civilian rule ended two years later, when the military staged a coup.

A fortnight ago, the junta leaders agreed to hand back power to civilian groups in a move to end the ongoing political crisis.

A transitional two-year period led by civilian leaders was agreed upon. But pro-democracy protesters – mostly young women and men – opposed the deal.

“We will not accept anything other than a civilian government,” protester Samira Hassan is quoted by the AFP news agency as saying.

Chants of “you will not rule us with this deal” and “back to the barracks” were heard, AFP reports.

Earlier this month, when the deal was signed, internationally acclaimed Sudanese filmmaker Hajooj Kuka told the BBC: “Trust is broken. The military could do this again.”

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