We have not been supplied with food stuff for a whole semester – Zebilla SHTS Headmaster laments

Frederick Kunzote-Ani
Frederick Kunzote-Ani
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Headmaster of the Zebilla Senior High Technical School, Richard Akumbas Ayabilla has lamented over the inability of the buffer Stock Company Limited to supply the school with foodstuff.

Speaking at the 40th anniversary of the school on Saturday, December 10th, 2022, under the theme: “Zebilla Senior High/Technical School @40: Success, Challenges, and the way forward”, Richard Akumbas stated that no bulk or general food supplies were given them to feed students during the semester. This he says has posed a bigger threat to the well-being of both teachers and students in this dire economic crisis.

Another biggest challenge is the supply of foodstuff to the school by Buffer Stock Company Limited. For the whole of this semester, no bulk or general suppliers have given us foodstuff. It is always emergency supplies meant for two weeks which end up lasting far beyond the two weeks before the company brings another emergency. The situation is so dire that we can no longer keep to a menu but just provide the students with what is available, he said.

Richard Akumbas called on government and the general public to come to their aid in improving the infrastructural situation of the school. He stated that the institution would be “grateful if a home economics block, a fully welled equipped Science Laboratory, Assembly Hall, Dining hall and classroom furniture are provided to the school”.

“Our students now eat in batches because there are no even tables to place the food cans on them to serve, let alone benches for them to sit on. This when provided would help improve the academic performance of our students and a serene environment for academic and other important activities”.

Speaking of some of the successes choked by the school, the headmaster stated that no student from the student has been sacked for poor academic performance in any tertiary institution they found themselves.


“Anywhere our products find themselves, they always distinguish themselves from their peers. No student of this school has ever been referred or sacked for poor academic performance in any of the tertiary institutions because they are always well-prepared for the world of further Higher Academic tasks or the world of work” he added

Zebilla Senior Technical School is a category B in the Bawku West District of the Upper East Region. The school was established on September 1st, 1982, and currently, has a student population of Two Thousand Two Hundred and Eight (2,208) made up of Thousand Two Hundred and Thirty -six ( 1, 236) males and Nine Hundred and Seventy -Two (872) females.
While the total number of staff is Hundred and Fifty (150) made up of Hundred Five (105) Teaching Staff Ninety Four (94) males and Eleven (11) females and Forty-Five (45) Non-Teaching Staff Twenty-One (21) males and Twenty- Four (24) females.
The Vision of the school is; To become the center of excellence for quality learning with highly disciplined students and committed staff.
While the mission is; To create a conducive learning environment to produce well-rounded citizens with excellent results and moral fortitude for high productivity in society.
This would be achieved through their core values of Commitment, Discipline, Hard -Work, Honesty, and Excellence. And this is anchored in the Motto of the school “Yam Daan Ku Borige” to wit “A wise person will never get lost”.

Story Written By: Frederick Kunzote Ani

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