Martin Boakye Gyasi hints at reviewing UGSRC Constitution to tackle election impasse

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Martin Boakye Gyasi

Newly sworn-in president of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council; Martin Boakye Gyasi has outlined plans to review the constitution of the University of Ghana students representative council to check issues regarding elections.

Addressing the house after he was sworn in on Wednesday, November 30, Martin Boakye Gyasi said there are gaps in the SRC constitution that need an amendment to prevent the falls that come with elections in the University.

Our electoral process exposed the gaps in our constitution and for that matter, one of the first act we will facilitate is the constitutional review process, to make sure that the next electoral process may not come with the challenges this one came with.

Students of the University went to the polls on Tuesday, November 1 to elect new crops of leaders to manage the affairs of the student body. The elections were conducted online for all undergraduate students with assistance from the University of Ghana’s Computing System.

The 2022 UGSRC election was postponed three times after the candidates kicked against the proposal to use a third-party software system with assistance from the University of Ghana Computing Systems to conduct elections.

According to the electoral commission, the idea to use a third-party system was to prevent monopoly and over-dependency on the university’s computer software company.

The university management had to step in and direct UGCS to conduct the election since outsourcing a third-party system would mean availing the university’s database to an outsider. A stand the university was reluctant to take.

Considering all of these, Martin Boakye Gyasi’s decision to review the UGSRC constitution to spell out provisions that will either make only UGCS conduct the election or introduce a third-party software company.

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