UG: Pro VC ASA inaugurates 7-member committee for SRC Development fund to embark on student infrastructural projects

Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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The Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Gordon Awandare has inaugurated a 7-member Board for the Students Representative Council Development fund to champion the implementation of physical development projects initiated by students.

The inauguration took place at the old council chamber at the University of Ghana on November 30, 2022.

According to the SRC President, Prince Asumadu, the establishment of the fund will become a legacy project of the university of Ghana SRC and will help enhance students’ experience.

The University of Ghana SRC is 64 years and the SRC cannot boast of any physical monumental project that we will say this project is a legacy of the SRC. Other SRCs have their own hostels, buses and monumental projects that will add up to the infrastructural development in the school.

After broader consultations we all came to an agreement that, its high time we had a project that will have direct impact on student life rather than organizing programmes that students will just print shirts, wear  and that’s it

He added that each student will be charged GHC 100 as a way of contributing to the fund.

After consultations with stakeholders we all agreed that we are going to surcharge every students at the University of Ghana 135 cedis. That’s 100 cedis from the dues will be channeled to the UGSRC Development fund.

We believe all this, will together will help the students become better students and alumni.

After inaugurating the board the PRO VC ASA, Prof. Awandare charged the board to be zealous in the discharge of their duties and work closely with the SRC to ensure their vision of the fund is achieved.

The ultimate goal should be that you’re trying to build infrastructure and leave a legacy for the students of the University of Ghana. So, I hope that, we can all, put our shoulders together and make sure that the objectives of this fund are achieved.

For starters you are going to be dealing with a small amount of money relatively, and then you have to raise funds Prince and his team have asked for. You  have to work closely with the SRC leadership at any particular time to make sure that you are in sync with the wishes and aspirations of the students at the time.

Meanwhile, the Chair of the board, Hagai Hilda Ampadu who is also the Inspector General of Schools at the National Schools Inspectorate Authority has promised to lead the members to bring the dream to fruition.

With the support from this board to make the auditions to the decision to start large scale projects like the Comfort Zone, student Experience Center, classroom modernization,  other project projects that are consistent with the mission of the board. With that in mind, I call on everyone to join us in championing this important course that will directly and profoundly affect students lives and experiences on the UG campus. I have learnt a lot from other institutions and I hope to share knowledge with the rest of the team.

The members of the board include the initiating SRC president; Prince Asumadu, the Sitting President, the dean of student affairs, a representative from the UG finance directorate, and a legal council among others.

The tenure of office is 3 years and that is until a project has seen the light of day.

Some members of te board with the PRO VC ASA
Some members of the board with the PRO VC ASA.

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