Living Springs – Assemblies of God Church sets up scholarship scheme to support needy students

Adwubi Wiafe
Adwubi Wiafe
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The Living Springs – Assemblies of God church has officially launched an educational fund to assist needy but brilliant church members. The fund was established to meet the needs of such students from basic to tertiary levels.

This initiative is one of the church’s flagship projects to commemorate its 20th anniversary.

In an interview with Univers News, Head Pastor of the Living Springs Assemblies of God Church, Rev. Michael Kwame Atisu, expressed his excitement about the huge milestone the church has been able to reach, as well as his optimism about overcoming future challenges.

“We never dreamed of being 20 but it’s challenging because we have to overcome a whole lot of hurdles ahead. Nevertheless, the Lord who led us and brought us this far will continue with us”. He said.

He also urged the public to support and contribute to the fund’s improvement. According to him, “even though the church is within the University enclave, it is also one of the poorest areas within Legon,” which explains why parents in these areas find it difficult to provide any type of support to their children.

At the launch, Dr. Yaw Delali Mensah, Chairman of the Educational Fund Committee, shed more light on the application processes. He says that applications for this fund are currently being accepted strictly from church members.

“The pilot has been more of supporting students who have challenges paying their fees so we’ve been working to put together in much more holistic format so that people who are in need can apply but you’d have to be a member of the church.”


Story Written By: Afua Adwubi Wiafe Akenteng




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