UG: Mensah Sarbah Hall taught us leadership through service – Prof. Ernest Aryeetey

Sammy Danso Eghan
Sammy Danso Eghan
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Prof. Ernest Aryeetey

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, has praised the Mensah Sarbah Hall for instilling into its residents the values of leadership through service.

Speaking at the installation of Dr. Roger Ayimbillah Atinga, as the 20th Hall Master of Mensah Sarbah Hall, at the forecourt of Mensah Sarbah Hall on Friday, 18th November 2022, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey admonished leaders, both in and out of the university community, to use their position to serve humanity. 

He said leadership is not an avenue to lord over others but an opportunity to render a service.

All of us as Ghanaians, as Africans aspire to be in leadership. And very often we see leadership as an opportunity to lord over others. Leadership is simply for many people, an opportunity to show how powerful we become or how rich we become or how influential we are. But Sarbah Hall taught us that leadership is achieved through service. So through the service that you render to your colleagues… through the service that you render to all those you come into any engagement with….all the people that you encounter through your life, whether it’s in an our communities, workplace, schools…the service that you render them….be good to them.

Prof. Ernest Aryeetey further admonished the newly installed hall master to be selfless and be guided by the values of Mensah Sarbah Hall and guide students in their quest to seek knowledge.

Leadership is through service rendered. Being able to give service to other people without thinking about what benefits would come to you…being able serve others by solving their problem. These are the values we have acquired form Mensah Sarbah Hall and I pray that they would guide you in all that you do.
“Stay true to the motto of Sarbah Hall. To think at all times about the values that are embedded in the motto….knowledge, honour, and service. These three things should guide you as you think about the students of the hall in their search for knowledge. 

Mensah Sarbah Hall was the fifth hall of the University of Ghana in 1963. It remains one the best halls in the university of Ghana and prides itself in producing students with knowledge, honor, and service.

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