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Gideon Nicholas Day
Gideon Nicholas Day
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Aikins Opoku

Head of the Programmes and Projects Committee of the University of Ghana Students Representative Council, Aikins Opoku has revealed that the awards board of the UGSRC Excellence Awards will review the winners of each category before they are awarded.

According to him, although a nominee might top the voting chart, if the awards board find them unworthy of being rewarded, the award will be given to another person.

Speaking on Campus Exclusive, Aikins Opoku said the primary focus of the wards was not about money but rewarding excellence.

You see, the primary focus should not be the voting. Although you might have won,  the awards board will sit down and then assess the work of the work of the winner and maybe recommend looking at the works of this person, even though the person had one vote we believe that that the person is entitled or should be rewarded with plaque citations, media publicity or the various prizes  that we mentioned, we will give it to the person because the primary focus is about the money or the voting the primary focus is about rewarding excellence.

He also urged the public to desist from speculating that the genesis of the awards was to extort money from students.

I don’t get it when people say that the person with the most money will be the one who will be rewarded .The point is that once you advertise, I’ve been nominated for so, so and so, people have seen your works, people believe in the kind of work that you do and I strongly believe that if indeed and truly you have exhibited that trait, and you indeed be rewarded in that your loved ones, your followers are going to come and vote for you not necessarily that you need to get X amount before you can win this award.

The University of Ghana Excellence Awards is organized every year to reward students excelling in various field in the University of Ghana student front.

This years wards scheme sparked conversations of extortion after the UGSRC published a particular award a winner will get should they garner a particular number of votes.


Image posted by UGSRC on Award prizes based on the number of votes
Image posted by UGSRC on Award prizes based on the number of votes

This year’s award ceremony will take place at the forecourt of the Great hall together with the handing over ceremony.

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