Government must invest heavily in Agric sector- Food Security Analyst

Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
Kuuku Osei-Baidoo
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Food Security Analyst at the Chamber of Agribusiness, Dr. Evans Ntiamoah, has called on the government to heavily invest in the agricultural sector. He explains that the sector’s contribution over the past months has dwindled tremendously, presenting a major hindrance sector’s growth.

This comes after data from the Ghana Statistical Service revealed that Ghana’s inflation driven by food and fuel, among others shot up to 40.4% in October 2022.

According to him, investing in the sector would provide jobs and livelihood for citizens.

Agriculture, is still an important sector of the country. Even though our contribution to GDP has declined so low, not only does the sector provides food, we also provide raw materials for the processing and manufacturing sector. It’s also very crucial in terms of providing jobs and livelihood for a vast number of people.

Dr. Ntiamoh attributed these challenges to the constant importation of food commodities into the Ghanaian market, which has increased food prices over the past few months.

He further advised the government to devise more innovative ways of reducing post-harvest losses and learn from other countries, other sustainable means of improving agriculture in Ghana.

About 30% of the food that we produce gets spoiled at the farm that is a big challenge and so we should find innovative ways to protect our produce”. He said


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