DVLA expected to implement mandatory seat belt policy in 2023

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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Ghanaian drivers and passengers are expected to learn how to use seat belts in commercial vehicles before the end of the year.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) announced that the use of seat belts by commercial passenger vehicles will become mandatory in the coming year.

A section of Ghanaians have described the new policy as laudable and pivotal in ensuring safety of passengers.

Here are reactions from a section of citizens when they spoke to Univers News.

I think it is a good initiative from DVLA and in Ghana here people don’t like wearing seat belt. Personally whenever I board a car I ensure I wear a seat belt. -Andrew from Tema

I think some few months ago the accident that happened at Labone where a Range Rover crushed, and that was how come they ended their life. I think if they had put on the seat belt it could have saved them from such a gruesome accident.-Another person said

Also, ” It is important because incase of an accident, it is not only the driver who is going to be affected, the passenger sitting by him too would have the same effect. So I think it is good that they are trying to bring this new initiative.” Grace from Ashongman disclosed.

However, others raised concerns over the difficulty in implementing the policy especially amongst commercial vehicles like the “trotro” which serves as the major transport system patronized by many.

The seat belt is something we all know is very important but for commercial vehicles, well I think that initiative could actually work more in smaller size ones than the sprinter types because those sprinter types we are already packed in the car and please shift and let me wear my seat belt the average Ghanaian would actually get angry to do that. So though it is a nice initiative, as Ghanaians we all know how we behave. Akosua narrated.

I think it is good and bad at the same time because in commercial vehicles we usually don’t use the proper seating so if we are all packed up in a car and we are asked to use the seat belt it will make sitting very uncomfortable but if the drivers are going to use the right seating than it is good to use the seat belt”. One passenger told Univers News.

Story Written by: Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey | univers.ug.edu.gh

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