UG: Political Science Department receives book donation from Co-founder of Afrobarometer

Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
Elizabeth Kabukie Ocansey
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Emmanuel Gyimah Boadu

Co-founder and Board Chair of Afrobarometer, Prof. Emmanuel Gyimah Boadu has donated 45 boxes of books to students of the Political Science department at the University of Ghana.

This donation took place on November 21, 2022, at the Kofi Drah Conference room at the University of Ghana. The purpose of the donation was aimed at providing resources to  Students and lecturers to enhance teaching and learning.

Speaking at the short ceremony, Emmanuel Gyimah Boadu  also revealed how disheartening he felt to see the department’s library in a poor state during his return back to the department to teach in the 90s.

 So it was really heartbreaking for me to return to the department to teach in the 1986 only to find that most libraries were defends, degraded and lacking books, magazine, journals and other reading materials and the few that there were tended to be hopelessly out of date.

He also emphasized on the dynamic shift away from paper copies as a result of the improvement in online book access.

Of course, I do understand that the situation have significantly improve today. In addition you now live in an era where you have access to books, general and other publication online. So I perfectly understand that your need for printed matter may have been significantly updated at this point.

He further expressed gratitude to the Head of Department for giving him the opportunity to donate to the department.

 I am grateful to the Head of Department of Political Science, Dr. Seidu Alidu and his predecessor Dr. Gyekey – Jandoh for taking a proactive interest in my offer to make this donation and for making it possible for me to make this donation today.

Receiving the donation, the Head of the Political Science Department, Dr. Seidu Alidu thanked Prof. Emmanuel Gyimah Boadu and  assured him of making good use of the books.

 Thank you so much Prof. We happily receive it and we would treasure the books the same way we treasured you in the department and would therefore take very good care of them.

Some of the books donated include One dimensional man by Herbert Marcuse, Industrial relations in developing countries: The case of Nigeria by Abel K. Abeiku, The graves are not yet full: Race, tribe and power in the heart of Africa by Bill Berkeley.

Present at the short meeting was some faculty members from the department and graduates teachers.


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